humilityisourformofpride said: Are you planning on dyeing your hair again soon? If so, what color?

Actually YES. And you will see! xxxx

Q + A

Rose and I will be filming a Q+A soon, so send any questions you want answering to either of our inboxes! XXXXXXX

hayleyjay said: I was wondering if your psoriasis is related to or affected by your dairy allergy? I have both as well, and it always seems to get worse if I slip up and eat a lot of dairy.

I have eczema but yeah it is most definitely affected by lactose 100% It makes me soo red and itchy xx

tinywomansotiny said: How do you deal with feeling like you're getting mixed messages from someone you like?

If someone’s messing me around a bit, I will mess them around and give them a taste of their own medicine. It’s funny because they think they’re in control and then they don’t know whats going on and realize they’ve lost control completely. ;)

raquelswhite said: WHERE can I find those tie dye shirts you and Rose have? I've seen them on your instagram and blog and I'm in love with them!!

It says on the blog! The link is there!

jcappper said: are you and rose hand holders when you're out of the house and going about in town? random but curious xxx

Oh yeah massively. First of all because I’m just a very affectionate person and I loved to have my hand held and be cuddled all the time. But also because why the fuck not? I will never change what I’M doing because OTHER PEOPLE might not like it. If they don’t like it they can look away. I won’t be the one averting my eyes or looking down. If someone looks at me and Rose funny when we’re holding hands I will hold their gaze, stare them down and even question what they’re looking at if needed. 


First work with my new tablet! x 


First work with my new tablet! x 

Get To Know Me Meme: [2/5] Favorite Relationships: Rose Ellen Dix/Roseanne Spaughton

-You sat on my fist! What kind of woman are you?!

-That kind of woman

lionaboutbeinghonest said: Has the starting date for the macy's impulse shopping thing changed? On the original special event poster it said it started on the 18th, but you guys have recently said it starts on the 15th.

It’s DEFINITELY the 18th and I’ve changed it on my blog now :) xxxxx